The Writing Wonders of AMA

What is there to know about AMA?


Ama is currently studying at Thomas Nelson Community College and is 21 years old. She's majoring in Social Science so she can go into journalism and pursue her writing career. And she's happily married. She mostly writes fiction but does have some works in Fan Fiction. One of her favorite authors is Stephenie Meyer. Most of her work is Wattpad,com  by the User: Midnight_Lily,  there is also a profile for her poetry by the User: EgyptianIris. Wattpad is where she devotes most of her writing time, however her writing is on platforms such as,,, and as AmaLovely1

Ama's interests include watching Tv including her favorite shows such as Pretty Little Liars, and watching anime. She also loves to play video games and read manga. She also enjoys hanging with close group of friends and spending time with her husband.