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The Burning Desire Within

Kingdom Hearts:Mirrored Hearts

When Chemicals React: Zutara

     Ayame was as normal as any another sweet girl living in hallow bastion with the best friend's she could ever have. Well everything was normal until one day her world was over run by Heartless she too would have been taken if it weren't for her being saved by a wielder, none other than Riku. After that she is then face to face with a decision and in her eyes she only had one. She decided that she could be scared anymore she'd have to put her past and her old self behind.
      So with undergoing a new edgy appearance and being blessed with the keyblade Two Across, she meets Saix a member of organization XIII. She is informed from Saix that they are nobodies and lack hearts. So she decides to join they're cause and help them gain what they lost. Even if she had to hurt others to gain a greater cause.  while in castle oblivion she meets other wielders who are also there for the same reason and gaining the powers of the darkness,  she comes across two very interesting boys the mysterious blindfolded boy and the emotionless Renxsuke. While getting closer to her goal and gathering a princess of heart here and there for kingdom hearts she starts to feel like she belongs somewhere.

      What happens when she finds out the organizations true intentions?

      Follow Ayame and her journey through other worlds and castle oblivion as she comes to terms not just with her light and darkness but also herself, as she tries to find her rightful path.

Status: Complete

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Sequals: Kingdom Hearts: Paralleled Hearts

This is a Fan Fiction based off Disney and Square Enix's video game, Kingdom Hearts
     An angel, named SIlver Ember, is shunned by all of angel society except by a select few. Born with the colors of crimson red eyes and hair with a bronze colored skin tone, is looked at as an abomination. She lives a somewhat normal life with the exception of a horrible nightmare that haunts her dreams since she was a child until she hears a strange voice inside her mind. A voice as deadly as the plague itself.

    While trying to figure out whats wrong with her she is suddenly pulled into spending time with Bracen, the prince of angels. She also meets a beautiful and charming merman, named Leomaris, that would make any female's heart skip a beat. She has no idea whats happening to her or what she's becoming until she has an interesting discussion with her mother. Is Silver a special angel or not even one at all? Just because she has wings means nothing. Silver has quite the battle while she struggles with love, being accepted, and control of herself.

Status: Ongoing

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This is an original work written by AMA
    This story takes place after the war has settled. Aang and Katara finally together, Zuko the firelord, Sokka being,...well Sokka, Toph happy and never to return home, and the nations were finally at peace. When team Avatar decides to return to the southern water tribe to visit Sokka and Katara's family, they end up bringing Zuko along, giving him a well deserved break of running the fire nation. However, feelings start to make themselves known. Feelings that Aang doesn't like, little does he know he ends up pushing Katara into the arms of the edgy firebender, which was the last thing he was trying to do. 

    Will this new romantic relationship tear team Avatar apart? Will it make them stronger? Will Katara's new found heated relationship be accepted by her tribe? Can the group move past it, and continue on? Will Aang ever get over Katara and find someone new? Knowing it's never easy ridding the feeling of that first love. And one of the most importance will Zuko find his mother?

    On a different note Azula, the sister of the new firelord, has been in prison for quite some time, there is obviously no way of her being released on good behavior. She plans to escape and find Tai Lee and Mai and "ask" them once again to join her side and take her revenge on her brother Zuko, Katara, their friends, and the Avatar. And plans to overthrow and take over the fire nation, feeling that her father apparently wasn't strong enough to hold his place.

Status: Complete

​This is a Fan Fiction based off  Nickolodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender